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Ovum City Explore a vast city ready to be hacked to help out or instill chaos! 

Use your hacking skills in order to gain access to an extraordinary amount of cash or to help your fellow citizens by putting out local fires. Upgrade your gear and save or ruin the city. It's up to you how Ovum City evolves. 

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What You Learn: 

Edit limited portions of real Javascript syntax through a code window. Compile and run code while encountering error messages to teach the concept of debugging.

Student Experience LevelTarget GradeProgramming LanguageConcepts CoveredPlatform RequirementsActivity Type
ComfortableGrades 6-8JavaScriptDebugging, modifying code across functions, variables, operators, arraysWeb basedSelf-led

About Endless Studios

Endless Studios' goals are to spark interest in learning the language of code and become an incubator for "learn to code" games through a unique and global approach of leveraging multiple games studios worldwide. These games are built with a philosophy of releasing early and often, allowing Endless Studios to build the games with the early feedback of the community.  

Built by gamers, Endless Studio's titles are distinguished from traditional educational coding games by focusing on delight in gaming first and foremost.  In this fun, trustworthy and safe environment, these games develop agency and autonomy to achieve Endless Studios' goal of enabling the coming generation to shape their technology instead of being shaped by it.


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PC - OvumCity6.6.2 231 MB
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I would like to buy this game as web project and publish on my site. Is it possible? Becouse i do not see web project in * You will get access to the following files:...*