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About The Maze:

You have landed on an alien planet in a pocket universe and must find a way to escape so you can continue on your journey. Explore the ruins of an advanced robotic civilization, navigate your way through mazes and puzzles and fight off enemy robots. 

Meet other stranded crew members and learn their stories. With the help of your trusty sidekick F3lix, learn and use new programming concepts to hack your way to victory.

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What You Learn: 

Introduction to Javascript and programming syntax. Solve puzzles through debugging and editing parts of real code. Learn about variables, arrays, logical sequencing, loops, booleans and conditional operations.

Student Experience LevelTarget GradeProgramming LanguageConcepts CoveredPlatform RequirementsActivity Type
IntermediateGrades 6-8Javascript, Simplified Programming 
Debugging, modifying code across functions, variables, operators, loops, conditionals, booleans, arraysWeb basedSelf-led

About Endless Studios

Endless Studios' goals are to spark interest in learning the language of code and become an incubator for "learn to code" games through a unique and global approach of leveraging multiple games studios worldwide. These games are built with a philosophy of releasing early and often, allowing Endless Studios to build the games with the early feedback of the community.  

Built by gamers, Endless Studio's titles are distinguished from traditional educational coding games by focusing on delight in gaming first and foremost.  In this fun, trustworthy and safe environment, these games develop agency and autonomy to achieve Endless Studios' goal of enabling the coming generation to shape their technology instead of being shaped by it.

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